Poems Written by My Customers For Their Beloved Ratties

Five Little Ratties

Once there were five little ratties,
They were brothers, you see.
Loved each other,
Were everything to me.

Dancer was the first to go,
Quietly, softly,
Beautifully, slowly,
Lost in the evening’s glow.

Four little ratties,
Brothers, you see.
Loved each other,
Meant more to me.

Twinkle followed behind,
Quickly, Sparkly,
Noisily, Noticeably,
He had a brother to find.

Three little ratties,
Brothers, you see
Loved each other,
Life’s best to me.

Aaron-darling slipped away,
Musically, perfectly,
Sadly, wonderfully,
Still missing him today.

Two little ratties,
Brothers, you see.
Loved each other,
Not much left for me.

Teardrop slowly said good-bye,
Sorrowfully, Tiredly,
Lovely, Lonely,
A long, hollow sigh.

One little rattie,
The last brother, you see.
Loved the others,
Fragments left for me.

Mirage faded from sight,
Slowly, Silently,
Peacefully, Disappearingly
Love’s last light.

No little ratties,
But brothers, you see.
Always loved each other,
Nothing left for me.

Five little ratties,
All together, you see.
Forever loving each other,
Leaving memories for me.

Rachel Dyvig
March 22, 2011
This poem is for the five brothers. What wonderful, special boys!

Dedicated to my Sterling Loverboy

You give kisses that never stop,
whether perched on my shoulder or a pillow top.
You're licky and squishy and such a delight,
You're stealing my heart, but I give up the fight.
You just can't imagine how you bring me such joy,
a sterling blue rattie, my Loverboy.

Written by, Kat Lovings
October 1, 2009

Dedicated to Sweetheart

You climb up, you climb down,
You are such a crazy clown,
You steel my money,
Then act as sweet as honey,
And try and hide, where you can't be found.

You come and sit on my knee,
I see you looking at me,
Your fur is soft to touch,
How can I love you this much?
Open the door of my heart, you hold the key.

Written by, Kat Lovings
March 25, 2004

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