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Notice: The pictures and movies on this page are from my rattery when I lived in Eaton Rapids Michigan. We've moved a couple times since then and are still in the process of recreating a new rattery at our new location. When completed the new rattery will be as good, if not better than what you see in these pictures or movies. The cages I use now are mostly Martin cages. I upgraded as finances would allow. So use these movies and pictures as a general idea of what our rattery looks or functions like. The boys now have the biggest Martin cage, (for ferrets) available. This cage is even nicer than the ones they make for ratties, in my opinion. It's got four levels and eight ramps. It's four feet high and five feet long, it's the most expensive cage they make. I hope to get a few more of these great cages as finances permit. We are also making our own cage designs from shelves that are eight feet long and two feet high, four of these.

Welcome to Rat Dippity Rattery's Virtual Tour. Before we get started touring the rattery, I would like to comment on several things. First, the wonderful thing about owning a pet rat is you don't need the biggest and best housing unit for your rattie to be happy. You can purchase something that fits your budget. Your rattie will be looking for other more important components to enrich its life.
These components would be, a well balanced diet, fresh clean water, clean bedding without dyes or aromas, (do not use pine or cedar beddings), and plenty of exercise using an exercise wheel or allowing them time out of their housing unit to explore, climb and play. Plus, don't forget the all important factor, give them your love and affection and you will have a very contented rattie.
Even though the housing units you will see in my virtual tour are not specifically designed for ratties, they have all the essentials a rattie needs to live a healthy and happy life. All the components I mentioned earlier in this document that are necessary for a rattie to be content and healthy are in place within my rattery. My ratties well being is very important to me.
One more thing I need to mention before we go on our tour is, I have a bad back and need cages where the bottoms have trays that pull out to be changed. I have to sit down when I clean the cages. So for health reasons the cages I've choosen allow me to maintain my rattery even though I have health limitiations that won't allow me to stand on my feet for very long, and I can't lift, bend or move around cages. The cages I've choosen for my rattery serve my ratties very well and serve my physical limitations too.
Don't be intimidated or deceived into thinking that a rattery is "substandard" or isn't a good rattery unless it has the "politically correct" housing units. That is a complete fallacy without any factual evidence to support the issue. It falls under the same philosophy as a statement like, you must live in a house instead of an apartment to be happy.
My rattery room belongs to my ratties. There are ramps running all across the ceiling of this room, I call them "rat highways." If they get tired of the arial view they can climb down to the floor and explore the neighborhood first hand. They are allowed, to chew on the floor, walls, doors, desk. They are allowed to be themselves. They are kept in a safe environment free of drafts and other predatory animals such as dogs or cats and all electrically fixtures are sealed and wrapped.


Special Instructions For Viewing These Video Files:
The files below are very large. If you only have a phone line connection you will not be able to view them, for it could take up to five hours for them to load. If you have a high speed Internet or cable connection, it could take several minutes or more for the file to load. You will see a Quick Time logo on your screen. Leave the screen up on your computer, turn the sound on to your speakers because this tour has sound to it. Wait to hear the sound of my voice, welcoming you to Rat Dippity Rattery, this will let you know the file has loaded and started, without you sitting there staring at the screen. If you miss the first part, a console will show up allowing you to rewind the tour. I welcome feedback about the tour. Please email me and let me know what you thought of my rattery.

The Girls Rattery Room Tour (This file will take several minutes to load with a cable connection, up to fifteen minutes with DSL.)
The Boys Rattery Room Tour (This file will take several minutes to load with a cable connection, up to fifteen minutes with DSL.)

A Typical Day In The Rattery (This file will take several minutes to load with a cable connection, up to fifteen minutes with DSL.)

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