Celebrating My Thirteenth Year of Breeding Quality Pet Rats!

Champagne Knights, A Champagne Dumbo Eared Rattie

Update: 10/08/15 I'm currently not breeding. If this changes I will let everyone know.

I'm on Facebook! You may follow me there and read the positive feedbacks from my adopters. People who have adopted pet rats from me have been very satisfied with their new pets. Here is a link to my Facebook Rattery page.

Attention Rattie Lovers! I now have a full service store on my web site. Everything my customers could possibly need to keep their pet rats happy and healthy can be purchased directly from me. Some items can be shipped also. All monies earned from store purchases are put right back into the operational needs of my rattery and for extra goodies for the wonderful little furry faces living here! Thank you for your patronage! :>)

Welcome to Rat Dippity Rattery. We are located in Kalkaska Michigan which is 25 miles southeast of Traverse City Michigan. We are a Michigan Rattery that has been breeding for thirteen years. We serve the whole state of Michigan and surrounding states also.

People have driven from as far away as Northern Canada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Missouri and Arkansas, to acquire our loving pets. We've also had many people come from Ohio, Indiana and Illinois numerous times! They make a fun weekend or a mini vacation out of it. I can offer addresses and phone numbers of nearby hotels to make the process fun and simple.

Northern Michigan is gorgeous. I live only fifteen minutes from Torch Lake. Torch Lake has been voted the third most beautiful lake in the world and is a must see! The lake's water is an aquamarine blue just like the caribbeans! The bottom of the lake is powder white sand. When you swim in it it's like swimming in a gigantic swimming pool, you can open your eyes and see forever without goggles! It's my favorite spot to go to during the summer and I'd love for as many people as possible to see and experience it for themselves. It's also a beautiful place to visit for a fall color tour!

How I got into raising pet rats:

My name is Kathryn, but my nickname is "Kat". I got into the world of raising pet rats by accident, but I think it was really fate.

In the late winter of 2002 I rescued two baby Norwegian rats from my dog. They were only about five days old. They didn't have much fur, and their eyes weren't opened. They were about the size of my little finger. My dog had killed the rest of their litter mates and had left their housing area in such a state that they would have died of exposure had I not taken them indoors. I just could not leave them out in the cold to die, I was too kind hearted and I attempted to save their lives.

I went out on the Internet and researched how to raise a baby rat. I did everything the article told me to do and somehow they thrived and grew into, two beautiful, Norwegian, agouti female, rats. I named them Hurkie and Ruggie.

A couple of months later I was visiting a pet store to get supplies for Hurkie and Ruggie when I noticed they had feeders rats for sale. I was horrified to think anyone would give one of these sweet creatures to a snake to eat alive. I would have liked to have taken them all home with me. I chose two young pet rats, a beige and white male and a beige and white female, with a white V around her eye, to take home with me. I named these pet rats Tanner and Camie. I bred Tanner to Hurkie and to Camie and this is how my Rattery was born.

A Word Of Warning:

Even though I was blessed with the opportunity to raise a couple wild rats and they both turned out to be wonderful creatures and friends, it was a risky thing for me to do. My decision to breed one of the females came out of love for her. I couldn't bare the thought of her dying and not having a part of her to love once she was gone.

I would have never gone out and purposefully captured a wild rat and used it for breeding and I highly recommend against anyone capturing any wild animal to breed into domesticated lines. If the opportunity presented itself again I would not repeat the process. I would have saved their life's because that in itself was a wonderful learning experience, but I wouldn't have bred them.

So please don't make any attempts to use wild animals for breeding, it's too risky of how the temperaments might turn out. I was very lucky that Hurkie and Ruggie were darling animals and my lines have had wonderful temperament and enhanced health, but that might not have been the case.

I just wanted everyone to know that though I had a unique start of how I got into pet rats and breeding, that this is not how it should be done. If a person wants to start breeding they need to be mentored by a reputable breeder and get established domesticated stock.

I am very careful about which ratties I breed. I pick the healthiest and best tempered pets for my breeding program. I keep careful records of all my pet rat children. I use the Breeders Assistant software for all my record keeping processes. I breed to produce quality pet rats, of sound health and temperament who make wonderful human pet companions.

In the ten years I've been breeding I've raised over 1300 of my furry pet rat buddies, and having done so, my area of expertise is pet rat behaviors. Because I've been around this many ratties I've gained much more knowledge about their unique behaviors than a breeder who only breeds a few litters a year. Knowledge comes with experience...I have a tremendous amount of experience raising pet rats.

I am on older, retired women. I have no human children or a job that takes my time...so I'm able to devote more time to raising my rats properly than other breeders who are raising a family, going to school or have jobs.

I normally only breed six months out of each year...this is just a hobby for me. In the past there have been instances where I bred more often then this and people have critized me for the amount of litters I've raised. I can assure you I only raise the amount of litters I have time for. And have many positive testimonials of how healthy and well socialized my pet rat children are.

Please review my Code of Ethics. The items reviewed in the article are how I operate my rattery.

There isn't really any profit to be made from running a rattery. Pet rats require a lot of different kinds of foods to keep them healthy and medicines and beddings, exercise equipment, such as wheels to run on, and of course their housing units. When I do sell one of my pet rat children, it is done under contract, and I don't ask that much for them, so what I do make just covers some of their food and bedding. I guess my running a rattery is a labor of love.

I'm raising pet rats just to promote what wonderful companions they are. Each time a first time buyer takes a chance on having a pet fancy rat as their pet I feel like I've accomplished something good and worthwhile. I would like these little bundles of fur to become everyone's number one pet of choice! Ten years from now when a nationwide poll is taken on pets in a household, or the question is asked, "What is your favorite kind of pet?" I want the answer to be MY PET RAT, or MY PET FANCY RAT!

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