Minuette's Product Review

Sweet Minuette

Welcome to Minuette's product review. Minuette loves helping me choose products to review that she feels might be of interest to her fancy rat friends and family members. She really looks forward to doing these reviews and said she'd love to write them herself if she just had thumbs. :>) So she said it would be alright that I did it for her. She is so sweet.

Hunt Club Animal Bedding
Coming soon - Running Wheels

About Minuette:
Minuette is a beige hooded, standard coat, top ear, female fancy rat. She was born on 6/22/03. Though she is not a show quality prospect she has the best personality and temperament of all the rattie's in our rattery. She is so loving and trusting of human beings, she is like having a two year old human child in your life.

She is playful, mischievous, inquisitive and extremely affectionate. She will come right up to me and kiss me on the lips, with her little pink tongue. She loves watching TV with me and curls up on my chest to do so. Her favorite program is "ED." She loves the theme song from the program.

Minuette loves to go camping and sit around the campfire at night watching the flames dance. She also loves to travel. She enjoys riding in the car, staying in hotel rooms and going to the beach. She loves to run on her running wheel and keeps herself in good shape.

One of her favorite pastimes is, to push any objects on the table in the rattery onto the floor, for me to pick up for her, so she can push them off again. When I asked her why she does this, she tells me she likes to hear them clink and clank on the floor. She also thinks it is good exercise for me to bend over and pick them up. Thanks Minuette, you're always looking out for me. :>)

Minuette always wanted me to do more product reviews, but I just got too busy. I'm forever grateful she helped me with this one and will always treasure our time together on this earth. Sadly, Minuette left me for the Rainbow today, April 15th, 2006. I will never forget my awesome little fur friend. I miss her so much already I can hardly bare it.

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