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Darling Pictures Sent to Me From My Rattie Kids New Parents and Families!

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Poems Written by My Customers for Their Special Ratties

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Information About Kat
My Code of Ethics
Online Mentoring for New Ratteries, or People Considering Starting a Rattery
Frequently Asked Questions Page
Ratteries Verses Pet Rat Rescues - Donating to a Good Cause
Important Things to Consider When Selecting a Rattery and Breeder
Why Do Rat Breeders Have So Many Rats?
My Feelings on Controversial Pet Rat Related Subjects
My New Housing Units For My Pet Rats and Why I Like Them
Caring For Your Fancy Rat
What it Means When Your Rat Sneezes
Common Mistakes Owners Make That Create Behavioral Problems With Their Pet Rats
How Old Is Your Pet Rat Really?
The Differences Between Hamsters, Dwarf Rats and Standard Size Rats
Recommendations for Proper Quarantine
The Raising of Hurkie and Ruggie
Minuette's Product Review

Valuable Educational Resources

The Virtual Mentor - Detailed information and considerations about various aspects of starting a rattery. Superbly written and well thought out!

iBrain - links to the Web's best resources
The Rat Guide - excellent pet rat health info
Rat Breeding Guide - excellent information regarding in-breeding, line-breeding and outcrossing, pertaining to breeding pet rats.
Michigan Fancy Rat Association - Michigan portal for anything regarding pet rats
The NARR - National registry of pet rats - member only listings
Rat Assistance and Teaching Society - helping make the world a better place for pet rats
The Rat Fan Club - outstanding pet rat resources
Coping With Allergies to Rats - If you have allergies to your pets don't give up on them until you've read this article and tried some of the things Debbie recommends!

How Strong Is Rats' Hearing? - an article about how sensitive rats hearing is and how we can keep them comfortable in our noisy worlds.

Quality Products

Martin Cages - This company has a whole line of cages made just for pet rats. They will customize any order also.

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